Monday, 17 August 2009

I love Korean Food!

For a while, I noticed the trend of South American food in my diet. Now, it looks like KBBQ has invaded my stomach! Last Friday, I went to Ham Ji Park in Koreatown with Gina. Yes, I encountered Ham Ji Park at the KBBQ Fest the week before. And they are pretty damn good.

I was introduced to Korean food by one of my good friends, Laurie. She opened my mind... or rather, my stomach to the wonderfulness that is TOFU SOUP at BCD Tofu House. I also tried the KBBQ they had there, and then tried Bibimbap and other dishes. I haven't gone beyond that. But Gina and I were perusing the pictures on Yelp, and my stomach was lusting for all the dishes shown fromo Ham Ji Park. We decided to go there and try their Pork Shoulder Soup. And YES, IT WAS AWESOME.

The meat was very tender. And the soup is GREAT! The meat easily falls off the bone, and those potatoes are super delicious! It was reminiscent to curry of some sort. I don't even know what else to say about it, other than YOU SHOULD GO OUT AND TRY IT NOW.

So of course, this dinner was followed by a super food coma. Not only do we get the side dishes, rice, and pork shoulder soup... we also ordered a plate of KBBQ. Big eyes, much? Yes, we were starving and yes, we overdid the ordering. But our stomachs were quite fulfilled.

Take note. Food is the way to my heart. <3

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Being a true fatass at KBBQ festival in Los Angeles

This guy's face is classic. There was an AYCE (All-You-Can-Eat) contest, and several guys were competing to see how many Choco pies can be devoured within 4 minutes. Anyhow, that is how I felt after eating about 4 plates of Korean BBQ: like a CHAMPION, or more realistically - DEFEATED.

Deagle and I went to KBBQ fest in Koreatown in Los Angeles. A hot summer day, traffic on Vermont and Wilshire, and you could smell that awesomeness of KBBQ in the air. This was the first ever KBBQ fest held in LA, so they run the risk of being highly unorganized and having way too many people in one small place. That was the very case, but I still found it enjoyable. There are many things I could complain about: longass lines, not enough shade, and too many people... but that was overridden by eating from 4 different restaurants specializing in KBBQ. Stomach = happy.

Now let's remember that only maybe a month ago, I was pretty much a vegetarian and sometimes eating fish. I cannot say this enough: I AM SO GLAD I AM EATING MEAT AGAIN. Don't get me wrong, I could definitely do the veggie/fish diet...but nothing beats BBQ on hot summer days.

I tried 4 different restaurants KBBQ: Beverly Soon Tofu, Ham Ji Park, Jinju Pork, and Park's BBQ. My only real goal was to try PARK'S BBQ. And TRUST, I did, and the rumors are right: they are really the best. The other three were pretty good, but by far Park's blows those out of the water. The meat is SOOOOOOOOOO tender, and the marinate is perfect. So if you are ever in Los Angeles, and craving some awesome KBBQ... try out Park's BBQ on Vermont in Koreatown. I don't think you will be disappointed.

I'm pretty sure I fatass-ed it up enough yesterday. I only ate once that a way: I ate from 3pm-5pm. No breakfast, and I didn't even really have dinner. We even took a plate of KBBQ and some other small dishes home cause we couldn't even finish those last few plates. However, Deagle did eat that last plate later that night. I had maybe one or two pieces of the KBBQ, and I could hardly stuff it down my throat. Maybe I'm not that much of a fatass. But no, come on... I ate about 4 plates of KBBQ. That's pretty fatass-worthy.

Advice to you, reader:
when at a food festival, eat a lot and be a fatass. You will have a major food coma, but your stomach will be on cloud 9. It's great.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Definitely a HIT!

My cousin and I stumbled into this place unexpectedly. I could not make the decision of where to eat... like always. It was one of those days where I would drive somewhere, and we would figure it out. We ended up here at EL FLORIDITA. We were on Vine near the Arclight, and it was either Magnolia or this place. Being obsessed with South American-ish food, I decided we'd try this place out.

The outside looks not-so-great. But once we opened the door and entered, we were surprised to find nice decor which didn't even match the outside. Everything on the menu sounded DELICIOUS! I could hardly make up my mind. We decided on an CROQUETAS CON CHICHARRITAS as an appetizer. The croquettes were filled with chicken. And the plantain chips had some lemony-butter sauce drizzled over it. They also gave us bread while we waited for our entrees. The bread was amazing: so fluffy! I was already nearing full, and our entrees came out.

I had 1/2 POLLO ASADO A LA CUBANA. And my cousin had something similar except fried: 1/2 POLLO FRITO CON MOJO. Both were very good! The CUBANA was extremely tender, and the FRITO CON MOJO was the same but crunchy on the outside. I ate maybe 1/4 of my plate. It barely looked like I touched my food at all! But yup, pretty amazing, I'd say...

It's so awesome to randomly go to a place not knowing whether or not you get a hit or miss. This most definitely is a HIT! Woooo!

* Again, cell phone pics...