Saturday, 24 July 2010

Food Truck Chase!

The food truck community in Los Angeles is insane. It seems like it has blown up over a span of.... a few months. We have fusion foods of all kinds, every single type of cuisine in the world, and specialty trucks. Sometimes, I think I should start my own truck... Hmm, maybe so....

I have a slew of food trucks I follow on Twitter, but I haven't even caught up with most of them. I was able to catch a few last Thursday. I helped plan a big food truck chase for my friend's birthday. Quite successful, I might add! The night starts off around 7pm and until 1am. We hit up the following: Gastrobus, Mandoline Grill, Kogi BBQ, and The White Rabbit. In that particular order too.

Kinda hard to plan a food truck chase. Sure there is TruxMap and other sites to help you locate each and every truck out there, but I was trying to schedule it all for one night and I wasn't about to drive well-across town in LA traffic (especially with 10 people). I did my research. I looked at all the websites for the trucks I could find. Most of them put their schedule up, so I tracked the ones on the East side of LA -- Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz, and Eagle Rock. Very do-able.

I'm only going to highlight the ones I was most impressed with. So Mandoline Grill and White Rabbit, congrats!! You made it to my "I like you" list. :)

Mandoline Grill -- I have actually been to this place before at a food truck festival a couple months ago. It was OK to me at the time. I had their noodle bowl. I wasn't impressed cause it was just that - a noodle bowl. Sure it was delicious, but nothing to go home and write about. But that Thursday night, I was tipped off to their secret menu! And for some reason, secret menus are so fun!! I must say, it was pretty damn good. I had their nachos and tacos...with a Vietnamese twist!! Amazing.

I had the beef taco -- and yes. Delicious. I don't even remember what was in it really... but it was damn good. It's also very VERY very VERY spicy. I am OK with handling spice, so I continued to eat the whole taco. My nose was sniffling and I was semi-sweating... but all I could think was "Yeah, that was good!"
I didn't order the nachos, but someone else in our group did. I had to try it. And again, delicious! I don't think there was any cheese in here.. Or I could be wrong. But this one is very spicy too! Can't stop, won't stop.... too good.

The White Rabbit -- So... I believe that Filipino food is the best type of cuisine out there. But it's hard to please me cause... my family's Filipino food is the BEST Filipino food. Of course, ask every other Filipino out there. They will probably say the same thing. :)

I'm confident to say that they did a good job impressing me. I had the taco combo: Adobo, Tocino, and Sisig tacos. My favorite is the Sisig. I am pretty picky when it comes to that dish, but the Sisig in these tacos were on point. Crunchy and tasty!
Dessert: white chocolate champorado! I don't even like white chocolate, but I do love champorado. They added a twist to it, so of course I have to try it. I normally like my champorado more liquidy, not to sweet, and really soft rice. This one is almost... all of the opposite. It was more pudding-like, and you could taste every morsel. I still enjoyed it a good amount, despite my distaste for white chocolate. It wasn't too incredibly sweet, and I think the amount they give you is perfect. They add broken up barquillos and a strawberry on top, so that adds a nice touch. I still think they should have the regular champorado, but then again... can they top my Mom's? Yeah, that could be tough....
I guess fusion trucks won that night. Vietnamese tacos and Filipino tacos... I dig it! Now go find them on twitter, chase, and chomp down these dishes. I enjoy, and I hope you do too.

Happy eating!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Fritzy Fries

Fritz. Located at Davie and Granville in Vancouver, Canada. It's open till 4am. And yes, this has to be a great late night spot after your drinking ventures. I can dig that!

Poutine - means "a mess" in French. I have never had this before. Basically it is this: a mixture of French fries with fresh cheese curds (sometimes rasped cheese), covered with a hot gravy. It's pretty damn good. Especially that cheesy goodness. You can never go wrong with cheese... unless you're lactose and forgot your lactaid. ;)

I thought this was a treat. I wouldn't be able to eat a big thing of this though. It's quite heavy. Well... unless I'm significantly inebriated. That's another story!

They don't only have poutine. But they have fries and an assortment of dips! I tried the dill lemon and the cilantro pesto. Both were very good. I don't think you can really go wrong with fries and dip.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fatass-ing in Seattle.

There was a lot of good food in Seattle. I only spend about 2 days here, and that isn't enough time to properly explore and be a fatass. My friend and I decided to do the Savor Seattle Food Tour. It was well worth it. We took the Pike's Place market tour. Thoroughly enjoyed myself... THOROUGHLY...

Pike's Place Chowder. Yes... it's the BEST clam chowder I've ever had. That's crazy... so you must try.

Etta's Seafood. Crab cake sample. SO GOOD. We came here afterwards and I had some oyster's. Same thing: SO GOOD. Tom Douglas is my hero... Not because of this though. I'll talk about his pizza place later in this post.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Co. Man oh man is that doughnut good. I could eat a ton of these...

Serious Pie. This is the reason why Tom Douglas is my hero. We came by here by recommendation. GREAT RECOMMENDATION indeed! We ordered an appetizer, pizza, and dessert. My mind was being blown each step of the way. Roasted Porcini was delicious. Never had it before, I think, and I was not disappointed. Sweet Fennel Sausage and Roasted Pepper pizza... absolutely yummylicious! Vanilla Panna Cotta... Geez, that was too good. I had a SERIOUS smile on my face after this meal. I have to say, life-changing... haha

I'll come back to Seattle for some major fatassery some time. That pizza is calling my name.