Sunday, 28 March 2010

Random Trips and Good Food

Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill, as seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This place is no joke. You can believe the hype. I drove down to San Diego with a friend.. just for the day. This was our first stop. I had orange juice for breakfast, and nothing else. I definitely had big eyes after an almost 2-hour drive, and I definitely ordered A LOT. There was 5 of us. We all ordered separate things, and some of us shared. Let me share with you... the party that ensued... in my mouth.

Ceviche. I've never had it with shrimp before. But this is delicious. Nothing bad about it. I enjoyed a couple bites, but not too many... cause I was waiting for the rest of my food...

Oyster Shooters. I ordered a dozen for our table. These are raw... and I chose the not-spicy ones. I have only recently welcomed oysters into my life, and these are fresh and really good. No grittiness or fishiness. They still look like boogers to me, but it's good. Add your lemon, pour some sauce on, and slip it into your mouth. REALLY GOOD. I had about 4-5. I lost count.

Mahi-Mahi tacos. Wow. These were amazing. Everything about it is right. There was a small block of Mahi-Mahi in the taco, and you just gotta squish it a little to make it small enough to put in your mouth. And you will eat it... down... to... the.. last little morsel. Yes, I cleared that plate.

Swordfish sandwich with the lemon garlic butter marinade. WOW is basically the word that popped into my head as I took that first bite. My eyes lit up, my heart fluttered, and my mouth was entering bliss. The consistency of the fish was very moist. I think the pairing of the bread and the fish was incredible. The swordfish would probably be amazing in the taco as well. I enjoyed every single bite of this sandwich. I could not stop eating it. And yes, I cleared that plate as well!

Halibut with lemon garlic butter marinade. I ate these in the order I show it. I cleared every single plate before I moved to the next. this was my last plate... and it's not the least. The halibut was amazing. Not as moist as the swordfish, but... so... so... FRESH. The rice underneath was just as incredible. And that Blue Cheese dressing is... THE TRUTH. If you have a friend that completely rejects Blue Cheese, have them taste this one. They will be very surprised. I was dipping my halibut in there too.

Gosh, I can't really say anything bad about this place. Everything hit the spot. I definitely packed my stomach with food, and I had no desire to stop because it was all too good. The great thing is that I didn't feel horribly full. I was OK. I was satisfied and very happy. I will definitely come back here again. The line was never short... always leading to the entrance. But there's a good reason why it is that way, Blue Water Grill is GOOD.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Easy Ways to Get Me Out

1. Food: If you know me right, you know that I will travel long distances for food. It's a great way to tempt/lure/win my heart. That's right... Take yo' notes.

With that said, my friend used Hash House A Go Go as a weapon to lure me into a impromptu Vegas trip this weekend. And I can't lie, that was a major tugger at my heart. They won. I drank. I danced. I played. It was fun. But I have to say that Hash House A Go Go was, perhaps, the highlight of the trip.. haha

I present you with FATASS-CITY:

This is the Sage Fried Chicken Benedict. The portions are totally fatass-plates. I already knew that I couldn't finish even half of it. This was pretty amazing. The chicken was crispy and tasty. The sauce on the top was such a great touch. And that biscuit is so fluffy and yummy! I don't even know how else to explain it. But it was such an explosion on a plate. The aftermath was not pretty.

I didn't eat this for myself. I shared with my friend. And I actually only had like... 4 bites. This is the Burger stuffed with Mashed Potatoes and Bacon. There is no way you can hold the sandwich and bite into it. It's one of those burgers that you have to knife and fork. My friend cut me a small piece, and I couldn't even fit that in my mouth.

Out of everything I tried, I have to say that this might be the favorite. Bacon Waffles. Simple: sweet and savory. There's nothing else to say here. But it's like heaven in your mouth... especially if you are a fan of bacon. I am definitely a fan of bacon.

They have two in Vegas. One in Imperial Palace, and one way off the strip. That's the one that Adam from Man V. Food filmed. There's another one in San Diego... and I'm thinking that I'll be taking a trip down to SD soon... Oh yes, SOON.