Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Fatty-Lazy Aftermath

Weddings are fun, but am I not right when I say that they alcohol makes them infinitely funner than usual?! If and when I get married, good food and open bar are a MUST. Anyway, tequila was the choice of poison. Nancy and I (but also some other folks who came by for random shots) finished a whole bottle. Needless to say, I was buzzing significantly happy happy HAPPY.

But let's talk about the day after. The day after drinking is always interesting. Well, usually. I find myself lazing around for the most part. I don't think I get hangovers much. It's probably only happened a few times in my life, but I must say I know my limits... (for the most part, hah!)

Sunday, September 20th. In San Diego. Football Sundays with Kerin and her roommate, Michelle. Good times. That Sunday was indeed lazy-fatass-Sunday, minus the inevitable drive back to LA later that day.

Let's get to the food though. I had been dreaming of California Burritos and El Cotixan ever since I knew that we were going to go down to San Diego. I didn't get my Cali burrito, but I did get El Cotixan! As pictured above, I had the Cotixan fries. Serious fat-ass worthy right there. Cotixan Fries have the following: fries, guacamole, cheese, carne asada, and sour cream. If you add their hot sauce it is AMAZING. In addition, we also enjoyed some chips and salsa and guac. Seriously, big eyes much?

As if that wasn't fat-ass-y enough, Kerin wanted Pizza from Fat Tony's. We ordered a giant cheese pizza, some fried garlic bread with marinara sauce, and some donut-type things. I don't even like Root Beer, but I had some since it came with the pizza. Tasted amazing in my mouth.

But let's get to the reason why being a fatass after a full day of drinking is great. I think it's to distract your stomach from feeling the hangover-ness. That's my theory, at least. For some reason, greasy fatass food is the best medicine for drinking too much on the previous day. I lazed around on Sunday before Nancy and I had to leave. We ate, we watched Sunday football (even though I have no idea how it really works.. I'm learning!), we sat on the couch, we passed out, we ate a lot, we passed out again, I ate some more, and passed out again. The Fatty-Lazy aftermath is necessary.

* pictures are again via cell phone.