Monday, 12 July 2010

Fritzy Fries

Fritz. Located at Davie and Granville in Vancouver, Canada. It's open till 4am. And yes, this has to be a great late night spot after your drinking ventures. I can dig that!

Poutine - means "a mess" in French. I have never had this before. Basically it is this: a mixture of French fries with fresh cheese curds (sometimes rasped cheese), covered with a hot gravy. It's pretty damn good. Especially that cheesy goodness. You can never go wrong with cheese... unless you're lactose and forgot your lactaid. ;)

I thought this was a treat. I wouldn't be able to eat a big thing of this though. It's quite heavy. Well... unless I'm significantly inebriated. That's another story!

They don't only have poutine. But they have fries and an assortment of dips! I tried the dill lemon and the cilantro pesto. Both were very good. I don't think you can really go wrong with fries and dip.

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