Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fatass-ing in Seattle.

There was a lot of good food in Seattle. I only spend about 2 days here, and that isn't enough time to properly explore and be a fatass. My friend and I decided to do the Savor Seattle Food Tour. It was well worth it. We took the Pike's Place market tour. Thoroughly enjoyed myself... THOROUGHLY...

Pike's Place Chowder. Yes... it's the BEST clam chowder I've ever had. That's crazy... so you must try.

Etta's Seafood. Crab cake sample. SO GOOD. We came here afterwards and I had some oyster's. Same thing: SO GOOD. Tom Douglas is my hero... Not because of this though. I'll talk about his pizza place later in this post.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Co. Man oh man is that doughnut good. I could eat a ton of these...

Serious Pie. This is the reason why Tom Douglas is my hero. We came by here by recommendation. GREAT RECOMMENDATION indeed! We ordered an appetizer, pizza, and dessert. My mind was being blown each step of the way. Roasted Porcini was delicious. Never had it before, I think, and I was not disappointed. Sweet Fennel Sausage and Roasted Pepper pizza... absolutely yummylicious! Vanilla Panna Cotta... Geez, that was too good. I had a SERIOUS smile on my face after this meal. I have to say, life-changing... haha

I'll come back to Seattle for some major fatassery some time. That pizza is calling my name.

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